In addition to our USAC sanctioned team events, we will be hosting a competition for all us regular folk. Whether you’re climbing Veasy or sending Vhard, we’ve got a category and a prize for just about everybody (that’s the best part about being regular – we get to give out prizes!)

This will be a unique two-week-long competition that follows a redpoint format where each competitor records their top 5 climbs through a sheet you purchase at the front desk for the cost of a day pass ($15/22 depending on age and time of purchase).

Due to our current building occupancy limitations, we ask for competitors to make a two-hour reservation ahead of time through our app or by calling into the gym if reserving for more than one person.

**Each person visiting the gym will need a reservation to guarantee a spot in the gym, including spectators.**

Walk-in spots are available, but please call in to make sure there is space in the gym. We can reached at (844) 254-6287.

So many goodies – biggest categories get the best ones (we’re looking at you, beginners!)

Competition Dates: 

  • Monday, April 5th – Sunday, April 18th – scoresheets will be available for purchase through this period
  • Sessions available from 11am to 10p
  • Members may climb after staffed hours, but they need a witness to sign off their route
  • You are responsible for the safekeeping and turning in of your scoresheet by the end of the competition.
  • Winners will be announced via this website and prizes must be picked up in person, no shipping. We will hold prizes up to two weeks.


  • Youth: Under 14
  • Men + Women divisions
    • beginner (V0-V3)
    • intermediate (V4-V6)
    • advanced (V7+)
  • We encourage selection on where you best identify and expect to do reasonably well (for example, kids under 14 may choose a gender-divided division instead of youth)

Facility Guidelines

  • Masks are required in the gym at all times.
  • If there is space, competitors can reserve an additional 2-hour reservation anytime during the same day for free.
  • A digital copy of our waiver can be found through our Padfam app please fill this out before arriving at the gym. 
  • Be aware that other competitors will be videotaping and not interfere or walk in front of their phones/cameras.


888 Ricardo Ct, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Competition Details

  • 40 Brand New Problems from V0 to V11
  • The competition will follow the classic Redpoint Format
  • All boulders are set for a 4-point start.
  • Scoring Value shall be based on the V-scale assigned to the boulder, please use our posted spreadsheet that will be posted
  • Only the top 5 boulders will be considered for scoring.
  • Open for everyone to play on Members, Competitors, and all visitors.
  • Free for members to climb on anytime they’re at the gym once they get the scoresheet!
  • This is a two-week-long event, so take as long as you want to project your top 5.
  • All sends must be witnessed and have a signature verifying the completed problem.  


We will reach out to contact info on Score Card to all category winners to come pick up their prizes the week after the competition ends. Top 3 competitors in each of the divisions get prizes.

  • Black Diamond Crash Pad 
  • Black Diamond Rope
  • 4x Edelrid Chalk bags
  • Champion pint glasses (15-20)
  • Shirts (outdated branding)
  • BD/Petzl Hats
  • Women’s Mad Rock Tank Tops 
  • Mad Rock Shoes
  • Friction Labs Chalk
  • Mad Rock Chalk Buckets
  • 4x Edelrid Locking Carabiners
  • Edelrid Backpack
2021 – Citizen’s Competition