Hi, PadFam!

First: To our Nevada family: the gym is still open, but closure seems imminent given the cases and how closely they follow the acts of California. At this point, we don’t know what will happen.

To our SLO/SM Paddies: When we first announced the closure, we hoped that it wouldn’t be more than a month, but with local COVID-19 cases increasing and a lack of government communications, we are beginning to suspect we will be closed for a while.

We will be suspending all SLO/SM memberships starting 8/1.


The Pad Family exists because of thousands of people over the past decade and a half giving time, money, friendship, and skills when we needed it to grow and improve and better serve the community. That tact’s spawned similar groups all over the world and changed people’s lives through the cycle of asking and receiving gracefully in the face of starting with nothing. We believe in that model, which is why we are here again, asking you, again.

We’ve grown quite a bit from those storage unit days . . . and now we have a lot of people relying on us to keep going. Please help.

When you opt in – you are guaranteed price raise protection for the lifetime of your membership.

It is likely at the end of this we will be forced to raise prices to survive.

All members will continue to have access to online yoga (new schedule starting soon!)

We are researching ways to bring more valuable programs to our members, especially youth, through closure and coronavirus, but at the same time, we know what we do best – and it’s not something you can take online or readily reinvent. Small efforts and fundraisers may bring in small money, but as we’ve grown, so have our expenses, and the only real way to make it right now is through membership retention.

We are examining everything we can to keep us moving into the future. With no government guidance and no immediate plans for aid – we have no means of figuring out a plan for survival other than to ask for your help.

Please consider opting in, if you can, to ensure that the gym you love makes it through this. The foundation of this gym is community. Given the current conditions, we may not make it without your help. We are extremely grateful for your past support that built us to where we are today, and for your support and flexibility with the changes we all have faced. We are working hard to continue offering a place for community, climbing, fitness, and, of course, love.

7/27 The Pad Climbing SLO/SM Coronavirus Update