4/6 – San Luis Obispo, CA

While we started out as SLO-Op Climbing, a slightly disingenuous name (we were never a co-op but we were a nonprofit), the Horowitzes chose The Pad Climbing when they added a second location in Santa Maria, allowing it to broaden the reach of the previously local-specific name. When the entity turned for-profit, The Pad Climbing was officially born.

But, as we expanded, we needed to form a parent company to manage all the different gyms we began to develop and take on. Each had its own naming convention and in the past year it’s been very clear how confusing and non-inclusive it all makes it feel.

That’s why the name “Ascent Ventures” is going away and ALL gyms held by the Horowitzes shall be named The Pad LOCATION – with the headquarters to be known as The Pad Climbing.

  • Ascent Ventures is going away and the Headquarters across all locations shall be known as The Pad Climbing
  • The Pad Climbing in SLO is now: The Pad SLO (you probably won’t even notice it, SLO Paddies)
  • The Pad Origin shall now be: The Pad Henderson
  • The Pad Santa Barbara . . . well, yeah.

Special message for our Henderson location, from COO Jessica Mitchell (and formerly interim GM):

Why change the name?

A few reasons here. When we were bought, it was always intended that down the line we would switch to The Pad Henderson but throwing all the changes at once was a lot to digest. Breaking up the changes and rolling out piece by piece was the best choice at the time.

When we started branding things like apparel and our website, Origin was the only place that wasn’t named for its town. When you look at a shirt, you can clearly figure out where San Luis Obispo is and where Santa Barbara is, but where the heck is Origin? Could be anywhere!

There’s some other boring SEO improvement stuff involved. We are also consolidating the website so it doesn’t pop you out to other websites when you click a link. 

A lot of really great stuff came with being adopted by The Pad. We have clear growth paths, we look better, we function better. Our customer service standards have risen and staff is more empowered in our positions. We know members can see and feel those changes and love them (almost always). We’ve even had people come back to the gym knowing we were under new management. That’s a big deal! 

So what is “The Pad”? 

Hopefully you understand this by now, but maybe this will give you a different perspective on it. The Pad is a place to crash, it’s a place to try new things, it’s a place to make new friends, it’s a place to feel like you belong. The Pad doesn’t judge, it loves. Telling someone you work at or climb at the Pad should fill you up with pride and at the very least, fill you with a little stoke. 

What does this mean for me? 

Nothing really. We won’t be restructured or reformatted in any further capacity for a while. No one is suddenly losing their job just because our name is changing. 

Is our logo changing?

Yes, but we won’t throw away any old merch or anything that has the current logo on it. We will sell it out and have some fresh stuff hopefully soon.

What about our sign?

It’s expensive to change it right now and we are still not in a great place to spend too much so it will stay for a little while longer. When we are able to afford a new one, our old sign will live on in the lounge and members can sign it as a reminder of our roots and how far we have come. 

How soon is this all happening?

As quickly as we can afford. That’s a terrible vague answer but there are some things that are easier to update than others, so please be patient while we make the changes.

– Jessica Mitchell, COO, The Pad Climbing
The Pad Climbing: we’re clarifying names