On Monday, California flipped the script of their rules and gave us no warning, once again, that we are to close in 24 hours. SLO’s door scanner and staffed hours will end on Tuesday, 11/16 at 10 pm.

We expect this closure to last through the holidays, but a pleasant surprise would be welcome. We will be continuing youth programming and starting an online school support program for those who would like childcare and in-person tutoring during the work week. We are prepared to execute them safely according to state guidelines.

We will continue to work with our lobbyists to try to get an exception to the fitness guidelines that will allow us to operate even while under purple restrictions. Click the button to help:

I am a member, now what?

We have to implement the Opt Out (aka you HAVE to cancel or suspend) in order to allow some people to support us through this.

MINDBODY does not allow mass unsuspension if we allow some autodraws to go through, so this is the only way we can make it work this round. The unsuspension process through the last opening took away from the gym experience because we were operating short staffed when we reopened and we don’t want to have that be part of your experience.

There is an incentive to remain paying throughout this closure, beyond helping us keep our employees paid – we will grandfather your membership dues through July 1 2021, because they will be going up when we reopen.

You will need to email in to request cancellation.

Please be patient as we process your requests – closure takes us a lot of emotional energy and time to scramble, we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Expect price raises.

Due to the pandemic, we are unable to maintain quality of service and livelihood pay for our staff at current prices and capacity restrictions. While we know this is temporary, we cannot last the year out without doing this – and we will have loans to repay that kept us afloat. We have intentionally kept our prices low and worked our butts off but the time has come for us to align our pricing with the rest of the industry. 

Those who sustained their membership through the second closure (July-September) will enjoy grandfathered pricing for the lifetime of their membership. If they cancel, that offer goes away.

Can’t afford it? Apply to volunteer with us or one of our community partners when we reopen. The Ascent Foundation has scholarships available. We gratefully accept tax-deductible donations toward scholarship, as well.

ALL new sales prices when we reopen: 

  • Day pass : $23
  • Early bird/youth: $15
  • 10 punch: $200
  • Monthly: $75
  • One month: $95
  • Youth: $55

January 1: goes into effect for current members

June 1:

ALL new sales prices: 

  • Day pass : $23
  • Early bird/youth: $15
  • 10 punch: $200
  • Monthly: $85
  • One month: $110
  • Youth: $65

July 1: goes into effect for current members

We want to remind you that your membership comes with some insane perks: 24/7 access, free rental equipment, library, coffee (when we feel we can), and discount on retail and classes. 

Our staff is committed to efficiency, inclusion, and serving you the best we can and we hope you understand why we need to do this. Thank you!

Thank you for your love, grace and patience through this pandemic.

CA Closes Again – what you need to know