You know what it’s like – you tell someone you are going to a climbing center and they imagine themselves overgripping on a hold while their feet slip off, sweating buckets and getting laughed at as they fall to certain death? Or maybe it’s the Chuck E Cheese visual of kids running rampant, screaming with delight and frustration, teeming all over the wall – parents not paying attention, staff complacent at best.

Now imagine if the people that decided what would happen for the indoor climbing industry thought of what we do the same way. 

Spoiler alert: they do.
That’s why we have joined a coalition of the climbing centers in California to educate our legislators locally and at the state level and help us show the public and the policy makers that indoor climbing is both safe and healthy in the face of the pandemic.

Please visit to find out more about our position, the science backing it, and what you can do to help.

Together, we can show policy makers and the public that #scienceisathing and ensure longevity for the indoor climbing industry ensuring Covid safe climbing.

California Centers are safe: covid safe climbing