We just got off the phone with our Sacramento Lobbyists and many of the operators of climbing centers across the state and wanted to give you an update.

We have been working as part of the California Indoor Climbing Coalition to work with California’s Department of Public Health and GO Biz (California’s Economic and Business Development Department) to change existing tier guidelines to allow us to open in purple and have more capacity. 

Due to the surge in cases, attributed to Thanksgiving, public health is not entertaining our requests at this time. They met with us in early November, but the cases started to surge only days later and their attention was turned elsewhere.

Historic Zoom call with CA lobbyists + operators from all over the state


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care of yourselves, others, and your favorite businesses by keeping your distance from each other the next few weeks. 

If people actually stay away from gatherings through Christmas and the New Years, we have a shot at reopening end of January. If not, it could be a lot longer. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have opted to keep your memberships going. It’s allowing us to give our full time employees security and a peaceful holiday – and is keeping us from an even more uphill struggle. We’re surviving because we were lucky and got a very large EIDL loan compared to everyone else in the area and in the industry. We don’t know why, but we should be okay through mid year. We will be struggling the next few years to make up rent owed and repay loans, but we can do it thanks to you. 

The Pad is based on the love and support of the community and always has been. Thank you for being there for us when we need it most. 

When we reopen at a less limited capacity, we want to remind you that we will have scholarship memberships available to those priced out of membership by our raises and by your life circumstances. The Pad has always worked to give anyone who wants it as much chance to access the community as possible. We are committed to that to our core.

Be well, stay far away from people you don’t live with, and this too shall pass.

California Closure Update