The Pad Climbing: we’re clarifying names

4/6 – San Luis Obispo, CA While we started out as SLO-Op Climbing, a slightly disingenuous name (we were never a co-op but we were a nonprofit), the Horowitzes chose The Pad Climbing when they added a second location in Santa Maria, allowing it to broaden the reach of the previously local-specific name. When the […]

Rate raise announcement for Origin

Origin Price Raises starting Jan 1 The AV team took over Origin last November and we hope those of you who stayed with us during the transition saw a lot of positive changes. We worked with existing staff to realign goals, spruce the place up, and bring you lots of new amenities that encouraged you […]

24/7 Access – why it’s something we prioritize

Back when we were the country’s first nonprofit bouldering gym, it was an easy call to make. We started out in a little storage unit and it was janky matresses on the floor and old clocks on the wall – nothing to steal, no reason not to trust. The storage unit had 24/7 access, and […]

#PadFam Joins the #StopHateForProfit movement

Ascent Ventures, The Pad Climbing, and The Pad Origin will be joining the Stop Hate For Profit campaign starting on July 1. This campaign is supported by the ADL, NAACP, and others. We pledge to not only stop all ad spends on Facebook and Instagram: we are also going to be going silent on these […]

Origin going 24/7 on 6/28!

One of the bonuses of being part of the PadFam is that we work hard to make climbing as accessible as possible. You’ve seen the free shoes, you’ve seen us implement our volunteer program, and now it’s time for . . . ACCESS WHENEVER YOU WANT TO GO! The staff at Origin has been working […]

PadFam app launched!

The PadFam app is here! When you download the app, you’ll get notice of changes affecting your gym first! Book your session during the pandemic restrictions with ease. And find out what else is going on, easily! When using the app: Set your home gym location – you can change it in settings Allow push […]

Civil Rights and Companies’ Responsibilities

Watching companies throw up “we will do better” posts and people demanding them has me (Kristin, CEO) rather incensed. People are responding quickly so that people won’t cancel-culture us – and largely those posts aren’t for the people who are really doing the work right now. There’s a line going around that says if we […]


Now that the NV government has gotten together – our leadership has too, and our grand re-opening date will be Monday, June 1. This allows us to finish up projects, run our staff through the procedures to get the kinks out, give us time to respond to any other road blocks they throw at us […]

Buy a book – help someone!

CEO Kristin was at one point a “famous” climbing writer – for her trip reports all over the US. She’s gathered all those writings, NOT edited them, and packaged them up to fundraise for climbing gym membership scholarships. Buy one today!


We are setting up a scholarship program for climbers who cannot afford to return to the gym due to financial troubles. If you would like to contribute to this fund, your donation is fully tax deductible! Donate today!