California Closure Update

We just got off the phone with our Sacramento Lobbyists and many of the operators of climbing centers across the state and wanted to give you an update. We have been working as part of the California Indoor Climbing Coalition to work with California’s Department of Public Health and GO Biz (California’s Economic and Business […]

CA Closes Again – what you need to know

On Monday, California flipped the script of their rules and gave us no warning, once again, that we are to close in 24 hours. SLO’s door scanner and staffed hours will end on Tuesday, 11/16 at 10 pm. We expect this closure to last through the holidays, but a pleasant surprise would be welcome. We […]

YARD SALE – 11/28 Small Biz Sat

Hi Pad Fam! Where: The Pad SLO When: 11 am to 4 pm All current stock of apparel at a hugely discounted rate! The Mountain Air will also be joining us to sell some lightly used outdoor gear.  CONSIGNMENT SALE!:If you (yes you) would like to sell some of your own used gear or outdoor […]

California Centers are safe: covid safe climbing

You know what it’s like – you tell someone you are going to a climbing center and they imagine themselves overgripping on a hold while their feet slip off, sweating buckets and getting laughed at as they fall to certain death? Or maybe it’s the Chuck E Cheese visual of kids running rampant, screaming with […]

Santa Maria Location Closed Permanently

We are sorry to announce that The Pad Santa Maria is closed permanently. With the second closure and no aid or end in sight, we had to make the call to let go of this gym in order to ensure the SLO gym  will survive.  As the person who worked hard to convince people to […]

7/27 The Pad Climbing SLO/SM Coronavirus Update

Hi, PadFam! First: To our Nevada family: the gym is still open, but closure seems imminent given the cases and how closely they follow the acts of California. At this point, we don’t know what will happen. To our SLO/SM Paddies: When we first announced the closure, we hoped that it wouldn’t be more than […]

24/7 Access – why it’s something we prioritize

Back when we were the country’s first nonprofit bouldering gym, it was an easy call to make. We started out in a little storage unit and it was janky matresses on the floor and old clocks on the wall – nothing to steal, no reason not to trust. The storage unit had 24/7 access, and […]

#PadFam Joins the #StopHateForProfit movement

Ascent Ventures, The Pad Climbing, and The Pad Origin will be joining the Stop Hate For Profit campaign starting on July 1. This campaign is supported by the ADL, NAACP, and others. We pledge to not only stop all ad spends on Facebook and Instagram: we are also going to be going silent on these […]

PadFam app launched!

The PadFam app is here! When you download the app, you’ll get notice of changes affecting your gym first! Book your session during the pandemic restrictions with ease. And find out what else is going on, easily! When using the app: Set your home gym location – you can change it in settings Allow push […]

Civil Rights and Companies’ Responsibilities

Watching companies throw up “we will do better” posts and people demanding them has me (Kristin, CEO) rather incensed. People are responding quickly so that people won’t cancel-culture us – and largely those posts aren’t for the people who are really doing the work right now. There’s a line going around that says if we […]