Tour de V2: 30 problems, 30 minutes

Tour de V2: 30 problems, 30 minutes Sign up for Henderson Sign up for SLO     FREE FOR ANYONE THAT SIGNS UP! Our route setters are taking you on a tour of V2 (or thereabout). Who will do them all the fastest? There will be: Prizes for climbing ability, gender selection, and fun prizes […]

We’re looking for front desk crew – HEN

FRONT DESK CREW Are you someone that looks someone in the eyes and wonders what their wildest dreams are? Do you find out and then want to help them achieve that? Then we want you. We’re a rock climbing gym looking for front desk staff, but what we really want are people who recognize that […]

Statement on the events of 5/10

Updated on 5/12: Please go to this link for our most recent statements and links for support. In the early hours of Sunday morning, our business, The Pad Climbing was broken into and items were taken. It was later discovered that the main suspect was a former employee, Eddie Giron. Monday afternoon, upon being served […]

Mother’s Day – Free for Moms and their family!

Trigger Warning: acknowledgement of difficulties getting pregnant and miscarriage, post partum depression, other motherhood issues We here at the Pad get it – and honestly, we used to not. We were young twenty somethings that NEVER wanted to cater to families because we were CORE rock climbers who were pure about our passion and experience. […]

Customer Service Coordinator

Customer Service Coordinator Looking to make a difference in people’s lives through awesome customer service? You will serve as an ambassador to the community, both visitors and members. We believe that our business has the ability to change lives for the better and we are looking for someone who is able to engage people in […]

Rate change for San Luis Obispo

Price changes starting June 1 We want to take the time to remind our SLO Paddies that our promised second rate change will go into effect on June 1. Let’s be plainly honest – we’ve been hurting. Despite being able to reopen, we’re losing money every month and we’ve not received enough aid from the […]

Camp Counselor

CAMP COUNSELOR Do you love working with others to create memories that last a lifetime and develop the confidence to try new things? How about kids? Could you play endlessly with them? If so, we want to hear from you! We’re a rock climbing gym looking for counselors for our summer programs, but what we […]

The Pad Climbing: we’re clarifying names

4/6 – San Luis Obispo, CA While we started out as SLO-Op Climbing, a slightly disingenuous name (we were never a co-op but we were a nonprofit), the Horowitzes chose The Pad Climbing when they added a second location in Santa Maria, allowing it to broaden the reach of the previously local-specific name. When the […]

2021 – Citizen’s Competition

In addition to our USAC sanctioned team events, we will be hosting a competition for all us regular folk. Whether you’re climbing Veasy or sending Vhard, we’ve got a category and a prize for just about everybody (that’s the best part about being regular – we get to give out prizes!) This will be a […]

The Pad SLO is having a climbing competition

Monday, April 5th – Sunday, April 18th: we will be having a competition for USAC team climbers and all the rest of us, too! USAC Youth Climbing Competition – read below Collegiate Climbing Competition – read below Citizen’s Competition (open to all, not associated with an association) – please click here for more information This […]