Buy a book – help someone!

CEO Kristin was at one point a “famous” climbing writer – for her trip reports all over the US. She’s gathered all those writings, NOT edited them, and packaged them up to fundraise for climbing gym membership scholarships. Buy one today!


We are setting up a scholarship program for climbers who cannot afford to return to the gym due to financial troubles. If you would like to contribute to this fund, your donation is fully tax deductible! Donate today!

Authentic Yoga, with Sera Melini

Just because you don’t do yoga, don’t discount the above video: it’s really amazing. I’ve wanted to share the kinds of conversations Sera and I have had since she took over directorship for a long time. This isn’t about doing a pose and all the buzz words – it’s about seeking wisdom, both in the […]

Authentic Yoga, with Sera

Yoga and climbing go together like peanut butter and jelly in a way few people really, really think about. Well, Sera does. Come meet the Pad Fam’s studio and yoga program director, Sera Melini, and discover why our program is so special. If you’ve ever wondered what the point of yoga was, why there were […]


7/14 – SM Closed, SLO Closing Wednesday at 10 pm We have gotten confirmation that SLO anticipates qualifying for fitness center closure on Wednesday, which means we will be closed on Thursday. We do believe that NV may be next. We understand that this is for an initial three week period, to be reevaluated by […]

Things to consider while your gym is closed.

This blog is supposed to be for our members and what not, but I’ve lately been giving out a little advice to the industry and moreover, I hope, a little well-founded sunshine. I want to tell you what we’re doing and why I’m pretty psyched about the closure. About a year ago, someone with a […]

We’re starting to ramp up – what’s new and what’s coming!

Online yoga through zoom, new youtube channel, consolidated social medias!

We’re closed indefinitely – what’s next?

We fought the good fight – we know what this space means to you and what the paychecks mean to our staff. But, Governor Newsom requested closure of gyms in CA and Governor Sisolak of NV has ordered closure of all non-essential businesses as of 3/18. If you are a vanlifer with nowhere to go […]

Origin Climbing of Henderson, NV joins The Pad Climbing Family

After five years of independent ownership, Origin Climbing will be part of The Pad family of gyms, retaining owners John Wilder and Andy Raether at the gym and in larger scale operations. “I couldn’t be more excited,” says COO Kristin Horowitz, of the acquisition, “John has been a friend of mine for over a decade […]

Stop letting your self-imposed limits get you down and get back up with climbing!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] What if you woke up tomorrow and you stopped telling yourself the stories you’ve been telling yourself about why something isn’t for you? That you’re too heavy That you’re out of shape That you’re weak That you’re not fit enough That you’re not attractive enough That you’re not brave enough That you don’t […]