Mother’s Day – Free for Moms and their family!

Trigger Warning: acknowledgement of difficulties getting pregnant and miscarriage, post partum depression, other motherhood issues We here at the Pad get it – and honestly, we used to not. We were young twenty somethings that NEVER wanted to cater to families because we were CORE rock climbers who were pure about our passion and experience. […]

Customer Service Coordinator

Customer Service Coordinator Looking to make a difference in people’s lives through awesome customer service? You will serve as an ambassador to the community, both visitors and members. We believe that our business has the ability to change lives for the better and we are looking for someone who is able to engage people in […]

Coming 2022 – The Pad Santa Barbara

Early 2022 – The Pad Santa Barbara After over ten long years of looking for the right location, the right time, and the right landlord – The Pad has finally done it! We’ve secured a lease and short of insanity (been a lot of that lately), we are finally confidently able to announce that the […]