Happy Father's Day!

Oh, Dads! Whether you’re biological one, adopted one, or a father figure, we salute you.

Those days you showed us all what equal parenting looks like – when you took the mental load off of your partner and got it done. 

Whether you struggled to become a father or effortlessly became one, you make a difference in the life of the children in your sphere. 

We know that having a child in your charge can break your heart wide open, and deprioritize stuff like going climbing.

That’s why we’re inviting you to come in on your own or with your family this father’s day and climb for free with whomever you bring. The plastic is calling.

And we know that socks and ties are on the list any time it’s presents, so maybe drop the hint you’re looking for something else – 20% off retail on June 20th for anyone who comes in, father figure or not.  

Happy Father’s Day!