We're here to elevate you.

We’re committed to lowering barriers of entry to the climbing world because we believe it can change people’s lives.

What we do:

  • Build climbing gyms in communities with underserved climbing population potential
  • Manage existing gyms, reducing overhead and adding value to owners and members
  • Lead through inclusive and passionate values
Our Company Vision
  • Provide a top quality training and fitness community outlet for the area’s climbers.
    • A blend of approachability, strong use of space, and integration of new and experienced climbers. 
    • Is community focused, not recreational focused
    • Has a clear aesthetic that provides accessibility for whatever level you’re at and inspires internal intrinsic improvement
  • Provide fun, educational, and healthful activities for the area’s youth.
  • Become a hub for the climbing community’s activities.
  • Provide life-changing outreach to at-risk youth, veterans, marginalized populations and other similar demographics using the climbing and fitness modalities built into the business.
  • Choose sustainable, ethical business practices for our Pad Fam by making every attempt to adopt green policies, intentional communications, employee-focused business practices, and community supportive events and services.
  • Provide a stable and lucrative career for our employees; encourage diversity of leadership by removing barriers for underrepresented populations to join our workforce.

What do we do to lead in our industry and communities?

  • We actively read the voices of the past and follow the voices of today, and encourage our team to do it. We do not shy away from scary conversations, but we do work to ensure that our space is safe for those learning as well as those teaching – we are community led, by members, where we are, and by our team.
  • We work actively to bring the life changing aspects of what a climbing gym can offer to those who do not perceive it to be part of their current culture. 
  • We present people like themselves with subtlety, in videos, in images, producing bilingual material where appropriate. 
  • While we cannot hire someone who doesn’t apply, we improve your pool through writing job descriptions that signal inclusiveness (without just giving it lip service),  and post jobs in places that the right people are looking. We conduct regular meetings with staff, and do neutral party exit interviews when they opt to move on.
  •  We provide benefits to our employees that enable them to feel secure should something come up. Full time employees enjoy unlimited personal time because we believe that recreation and personal days (along with family and bereavement leave) are essential to loyal and creative teams.
  • We remove unnecessary fees for members (we don’t do initiation fees and have free rental shoes for this exact reason) so that ANYONE can come and be on a totally level playing field. 
  • We provide volunteer opportunities for people, provide scholarship opportunities, and give access-limited groups into our gym as often as we can schedule them.
  • We started Ascent Academy to give gyms and managers access to the things  we have had access to (including our own internal training platforms). The next big project is to develop a general manager curriculum so that anyone who wants to run a gym can do so with some training.
  • We have a nonprofit: The Ascent Foundation. It is dedicated to ensuring our philanthropy within the communities we serve.

To us, inclusion means inclusion without exception. All climbing is all good; all climbers are all good.

Inspire your community, put in the work, be someone you can trust, and the opportunities will come. That’s literally how we started and how we keep growing.