Trigger Warning: acknowledgement of difficulties getting pregnant and miscarriage, post partum depression, other motherhood issues

CEO Kristin with her two little senders, proudly raising a new generation that doesn’t know a gender gap in the outdoors and climbing, something she felt keenly growing up in the sport.

We here at the Pad get it – and honestly, we used to not. We were young twenty somethings that NEVER wanted to cater to families because we were CORE rock climbers who were pure about our passion and experience.

And then we had kids. And everything changed.

Moms give up their bodies for about nine months to grow enormous placentas and then babies – if they’re lucky. Many of us have to go through trials of even trying to get pregnant, and then finally doing so, only to go through miscarriage.

And, when you get a sticky baby (or more!) there’s so much else you give up – like the pleasure of being able to bend over, of not feeling sick, that cute little belly button, you name it.

You have your birth process, whatever it is, and we’re not done yet. There’s adjustment to a real vulnerability that you never felt before – that you could no longer take risks, or even leave the house at the spur of the moment, because now you were tethered to your child. Adjusting to your partner’s expectations and needs falling behind those of your child. Finding that you’ve buried your own needs to fill everyone else’s.

Maybe you don’t identify with any of this because all of it was easy. We salute you, too, and we’re a little jealous.

But here’s the thing. May is #unlikelyclimber month at The Pad. Mothers are inherently #unlikelyclimbers because there’s not enough time, there’s not enough self care, and you’re tired while your mind runs through everything you want to be doing instead.

That’s why on Mother’s Day, we’re taking all the restrictions off. Please come climb with us for free. Bring everyone in your family (they’re free, too) or come by yourself. If this might be something that changes your perspective, boosts your desire to commit to self care, or it’s just something to try that you financially couldn’t swing, we’re here for you. If you’ve got littles, we have little play areas with blocks and foam walls and kids’ setting. You can climb next to them or not. Your choice. We even have pregnancy harnesses! No excuses if this is something you want for you!

Happy Mother’s day, all of you moms/guardians/caregivers. We see you, we salute you, and we seek to elevate you as best we can. <3

Mother’s Day – Free for Moms and their family!