One of the bonuses of being part of the PadFam is that we work hard to make climbing as accessible as possible.

You’ve seen the free shoes, you’ve seen us implement our volunteer program, and now it’s time for . . .


The staff at Origin has been working hard to get ready for the switchover from our current software to the new software that integrates with an external bar code scanner. If you’re wondering what the confusion is with all the computers since opening, that’s why. Unfortunately, things were delayed for us and it’s been a work on progress.

But, but . . . come Monday morning – once we open with staff, we will literally never close again (okay, well, sometimes we will, for comps or remodels or because the scannning system goes down once in a while).

Please watch this video from Andy, head setter and Origin Founder:

We will have more information soon – including a 24/7 orientation tour and more guidelines.

Get ready! Another perk for being a PadFam member coming your way!

Origin going 24/7 on 6/28!