Ascent Ventures


Origin Climbing + Fitness – Founded in 2015, The Pad family acquired it from owners John Wilder and Andy Raether (still in operations) in November of 2019. The vibe is everything we want a gym to be – no bro culture, inclusive, accessible, driven by love. 

What do we have?

  • 22,000+ square feet of joy!
  • Bouldering: 10,000 square feet, averaging 17 feet high
  • Rope climbing: 93000 square feet, averaging 35 feet high; 5 autobelays
  • free weight stations, treadmills
  • yoga room
  • Coworking space / free wifi and coffee – bring your own cup
  • Dedicated climbing training with hangboards, systems board, Treadwall, LED Kilter board, and more
  • Shower!
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