Ascent Ventures


Now that the NV government has gotten together – our leadership has too, and our grand re-opening date will be Monday, June 1.

This allows us to finish up projects, run our staff through the procedures to get the kinks out, give us time to respond to any other road blocks they throw at us this week, and let everyone rest before a crazy re-opening next week.

Things to Know:

  • We have redesigned the website: – you will easily be able to go there to find out more and book sessions – not everything is live yet – but it will be!
  • Our member-only hours are on hold because we have so many restrictions, but FEAR NOT – on July 1, we’re going 24/7! We will be training staff to train you through the next month so what’s a month of not being able to get in early when you can get in WHENEVER YOU WANT? RIGHT? RIGHT!
  • We are limited to 50% capacity – 75% of this will be reservable online, with 25% available for walk-in: know that if you reserve a spot but you’re bringing a parent, kid, or friend, they will be counted in that 25% walk in.
  • Youth programming is on hold, but we’re hoping to bring it back asap
  • Yoga programming will not be going on initially in the building, but online classes are still going on.
  • Be prepared for utter stoke. The place has been transformed.

Here’s how this will all go down:

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