Origin Price Raises starting Jan 1

The AV team took over Origin last November and we hope those of you who stayed with us during the transition saw a lot of positive changes. We worked with existing staff to realign goals, spruce the place up, and bring you lots of new amenities that encouraged you to make Origin your second home.

This was never in the plan to raise rates after we aligned pricing with our gyms in California, but we didn’t plan on the pandemic and it lasting this long. Let’s be plainly honest – despite our ability to continue to operate after the closure in the spring, we’ve been hurting. We’re losing money every month and we’ve not received any aid from the government (despite applying) aside from PPP money, which we used while we were still closed. The City of Henderson generously awarded us $7500, but that doesn’t begin to cover one month’s rent.  We’re hanging in there, but it’s on borrowed money – that we’ll need to start repaying soon enough.

We are unable to maintain quality of service and livelihood pay for our staff at current prices. We have intentionally kept our prices low and worked our butts off but the time has come for us to work toward aligning our pricing with the rest of the industry because something has to give.

We had a choice of reducing offerings or staying the course with the goal of being the center of the climbing community in the Las Vegas area – providing the best setting, the best amenities, and the best community that we possibly can – and we chose the latter because that’s what Origin has always been about.

ALL new sales prices starting January 1: 

  • Day pass : $23
  • Early bird/youth: $15 – NEW: get here before 4 and get a discounted day pass
  • 10 punch: $200
  • Monthly: $75
  • One month: $90
  • Youth: $50

ALL CURRENT EFT MEMBERS ON JANUARY 1 will see a membership increase of ONLY $5.

Can’t afford it? Apply to volunteer with us or one of our community partners when we reopen. The Ascent Foundation has scholarships available. We gratefully accept tax-deductible donations toward scholarship, as well.

We want to remind you that your membership comes with some insane perks: 24/7 access, free rental equipment, library, coffee, and discount on retail and classes. 

Our staff is committed to efficiency, inclusion, and serving you the best we can and we hope you understand why we need to do this. Thank you!

Thank you for your love, grace and patience through this pandemic.

Rate raise announcement for Origin