We are sorry to announce that The Pad Santa Maria is closed permanently. With the second closure and no aid or end in sight, we had to make the call to let go of this gym in order to ensure the SLO gym  will survive. 

As the person who worked hard to convince people to loan us money to bring the magic of what we’d created in San Luis Obispo to the community of Santa Maria, a community I loved and worked in, a community that many outside of it did not see potential in, this breaks my heart.

We firmly believe that climbing can change lives – and it’s been my distinct pleasure to watch the gym foster healthy growth and self discovery, along with forging strong friendships and partnerships with those who might not have otherwise met one another.  I know that knowing you and seeing you has helped me grow as well and I am so grateful for the enduring relationships that you’ve given me.

It breaks my heart for the people who built it alongside us, who volunteered for it, who staffed it, who forged its inclusive culture, and who made it their home.

My heart breaks also for the nonprofits and community services that used it to elevate others’ lives, from free birthday parties for underserved kids to free memberships for mentors and their charges. The pandemic is seeing Santa Maria lose other community service that provided a home for these experiences as well and we wish that we didn’t have to be a part of that exit. I truly hope this is not the end of the climbing community in Santa Maria and northern Santa Barbara county, and that those who are left without a Pad to call home find one in SLO when we are allowed to reopen again. This goes double for our community partners: we offer the same services to you in SLO as we did in Santa Maria.

To reconnect with your fellow Paddies, and to arrange trips and carpools to SLO, our manager Jacob created a Facebook group that you may wish to join.

We will be liquidating/donating some of the furnishings and equipment inside, including the foam flooring. Contact yishai@thepadclimbing.org to inquire further or get on our notice list when we’re ready to move forward there.

Santa Maria members: if you maintained your membership with us, we will be transferring it to the SLO location. We are grandfathering your SM only price, if you have an active membership. Please email service@thepadclimbing.org to make changes. We do not have the staff currently to reach out to each of you individually.

May you find prosperity, health, and joy . . . and know that for every ending, there is a new beginning – and that our heart is still with you, Santa Maria.

Kristin Horowitz

CEO, The Pad Climbing

Santa Maria Location Closed Permanently