Ascent Ventures


Kristin Horowitz, COO/Founder

Kristin is the machine that makes everything work. She has been working for small businesses as the principal support of the owners since she was in college. Office manager, Quickbooks maestro, marketing manager, you name it, she’s done it all.

Prior to her current position, she was executive director of SLO Op Climbing, is still production manager for an event business, and dabbles in lots of other pursuits for the community.

She has the unique ability to learn things quickly and save money because of it. She handles everything from legal compliance to vendor contracts to financial oversight to cultural atmosphere and policy setting.

Yishai Horowitz – COO/Founder

Yishai is the believer. He pushes the standards of excellence whether its in offerings, aesthetics, or the larger vision for our community.

He’s the one that’s responsible for the layout of the gyms, shape of the walls, and character of the place. He spends his free time looking at buildings, analyzing climbing walls, and developing relationships that enable us to grow and contribute the community in a myriad of ways.

He is also the primary race director (and founder) of an event company that specializes in high logistics human powered, outdoor events.

Matt Roberts – CFO

Matt’s the Industry financial guru.  He keeps us grounded, guides us, and collaborates with us when he’s not running climbing gyms on the East Coast, advising the financial industry, or talking for money. 

Jon-Erik Storm – In House Counsel

After a colorful career in business law, Jon gave it all up for joy and moved to the Central Coast where he only uses his JD for good (and us). When he gets bored, he learns a new language, teaches math and Spanish, and serves the California miliatry as a JAG and Deputy Chief of Staff for the miliatry.

Joe Maier – Setting Director

 He’s got no ego – just a strong desire to be amazing at what he does and he inspires everyone around him. There’s a reason why we have a solid reputation for the artwork of problems and routes we put up!

John Wilder – VP Operations

Fastidious, meticulous, and full of heart. He gets it done and keeps us looking good while doing it.

John developed and ran Origin Climbing + Fitness for five years before we acquired it, and it speaks volumes of how easily he transitioned from owner to supporter. 

Sera Melini – studio manager / marketing assistant

We have some of the best studios in town and it’s because Sera puts the work in to take care of our instructors while being an eagle eye on the lookout for reliable and diverse teachers to fit our unique studio needs. You can find out about her passions, expertise, additional offerings, and visions at her website

Jacob Rivera – HR director and SM general manager

You need heart, investment, and things done right? You go to Jacob. He keeps us on track, stable, and grounded.

Chris Wasjutin – Retail Manager + SLO general manager

A total rock, he solves problems with a smile. If his plate isn’t full, he looks for ways to heap more on. 

Jessie Mitchell  – Relationship Director + Origin general manager

She looks at a problem and says “HOW DO I SOLVE IT?” but the best part about it is that she solves it with energy, delegation, and support.

Ryan Konesky- Social Media Manager

Talk about a clear and fun communicator! We love having him as our public voice.

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