Updated on 5/12: Please go to this link for our most recent statements and links for support.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, our business, The Pad Climbing was broken into and items were taken. It was later discovered that the main suspect was a former employee, Eddie Giron. Monday afternoon, upon being served a warrant by the SLO PD, Eddie shot two police officers and was killed himself.

First, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the SLO PD and extend our hearts to the officers who were shot, their families, and their colleagues.  We have had the honor of working alongside them through past endeavors and we are grateful for their service to our community. We know it’s their mission to uphold the law, but, for our part, we regret that the relatively small damage done and the things that were taken cost the lives of these brave officers.  

As we learn more about what happened with Eddie, we hope there is something to be learned. 

The Pad Climbing family has always sought to support each other and our community and we ask for love and empathy for all who are impacted by this tragedy.  We will have a counselor available at the gym as soon as possible for any community or staff member that wishes to talk.

Statement on the events of 5/10