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What if you woke up tomorrow and you stopped telling yourself the stories you’ve been telling yourself about why something isn’t for you?

  • That you’re too heavy
  • That you’re out of shape
  • That you’re weak
  • That you’re not fit enough
  • That you’re not attractive enough
  • That you’re not brave enough
  • That you don’t have what you need to succeed

And said, “Maybe I do.” What if trying something just to try it was all you needed?

What if asking for support wasn’t scary?

Get here. Whether bravery comes in just showing up, or bravery comes in asking for help, the Pad Climbing is here to help you overcome those stories that just aren’t true.

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Jacqueline didn’t let insecurity about gaining weight since high school stop Her. She became a coach with us and is not on track to become a personal trainer!

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Dylan’s part of a long history we have of successful adaptive climbers. You don’t need a leg or arm to love climbing. We even have systems for paraplegics!


Stop letting your self-imposed limits get you down and get back up with climbing!

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