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The Ascent Foundation

Empowering others one experience at a time.

When SLO Op stopped being a nonprofit, we couldn’t let our heritage go. That’s why we founded The Ascent Foundation. We believe that showing people that they can means changing lives.

It all started with some kids working an event we put on though All Out Events. Part of an organization that gives structure to troubled teens, they were providing volunteer and manpower for the day. One of them said to us, “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” They were just volunteering. But it broadened his mind and made him see something he wouldn’t otherwise have.

We take for granted the experiences that come our way. 

We throw money at base needs like food and shelter, and that’s important.

But lives don’t change unless there’s belief in something different.

Help us serve the underserved. Help us show them something to believe in, too.

What we do

We look to serve youth, veterans, the disabled, and more  by providing scholarships and grants, as well as opportunities, to those who would ordinarily not have access to them.

  • Participants must either be a part of an organization dedicated to the underserved who can demonstrate benefit from working with our partners or individuals on an as-needed basis who apply through an application process.
  • Partners must be willing to confirm and deliver as promised their services as if they were paid experiences. 

Help us grow!

Are you a business owner who is willing to donate entries to organizations serving youth, veterans, the disabled, and more during slow seasons and times?

Are you someone that works with an organization who would like to take advantage of our programs and scholarships? CONTACT US NOW!

Or, DONATE TODAY and get people having peak experiences!

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