Welcome to Origin’s Virtual Youth Series Qualifier!

Everyone at Origin is super excited to host a USA Climbing Qualifying event during December.

This will be a unique two-week-long competition that follows a redpoint format where each competitor records their top 5 climbs and submits them with video evidence through the Kaya app. Please head over to the USAC Main Regions Page for step by step instructions. 

Due to our current building occupancy limitations, we ask for competitors to make a two-hour reservation ahead of time through our app or by calling into the gym if reserving for more than one person.

**Each person visiting the gym will need a reservation to guarantee a spot in the gym, including spectators.**

Walk-in spots are available, but please call in to make sure there is space in the gym. We can reached at (833) 674-4460

Competition Dates 

12/7 – 12/20


    • Members = No cost to book a session
    • Youth Day Pass = $12
    • Adult Day Pass = $20
    • Spectators also need to buy a day pass

Facility Guidelines

  • Masks and physical distancing are required in the gym at all times.
  • If there is space, competitors can reserve an additional 2-hour reservation anytime during the same day for free.
  • A digital copy of our waiver can be found through our Padfam app please fill this out before arriving at the gym. 
  • Be aware that other competitors will be videotaping and not interfere or walk in front of their phones/cameras.


7585 Commercial Way J, Henderson, NV 89011