Join our community by helping yours!

We realize that not everyone can afford a membership to our climbing gyms, especially those who might benefit from the community most. That is why we have always had a robust program that allows those who have time to serve in exchange for a membership to do so without worrying about funds.

If you are ready to give to your community, we are ready to give to you, too!

Please review your options below. You must qualify with the organizations in order to participate in our program. Please let them know that you are looking for the Pad membership benefit when you qualify.

Are you an organization that would like to participate? Please contact us

Be a Recurring Volunteer

Volunteer at least 10 hours a month at any of the following organizations in exchange for a membership at the gym.

Just 2 hours a week gets you:

  • A full reciprocal membership and all the benefits that come with it

  • A chance to be a part of the leadership team that sets the tone for everyone at The Pad

Volunteer in the Gym!

We started out as an all-volunteer organization and as we got fancier and costs rose, we’ve sought every way for individuals to be a part of the gym.

Our time trade for membership program is a great fit for champions of the gym who want to be closer to the community through service. 

Enroll in a Mentorship Program

Are you a young person looking to climb or someone undergoing a life change? 

Sign up for one of these mentorship programs: