We fought the good fight – we know what this space means to you and what the paychecks mean to our staff.

But, Governor Newsom requested closure of gyms in CA and Governor Sisolak of NV has ordered closure of all non-essential businesses as of 3/18.

If you are a vanlifer with nowhere to go – please contact us.

We won’t lie – this is going to be a financial battle for us. We are optimistic that there are plans in place for economic recovery, including accessible business loans, but in the meantime, it costs us about $150K a month to operate our gyms, half of that being personnel.

We want to be able to pay our staff through this. The only way to do that is if you do not suspend or cancel with us during the closure. We understand if that is not doable, but we do want to make it very clear that if you opt in, you’re keeping everyone’s livelihood stable for a little bit longer.

Spot each other through this – at an appropriate social distance, of course.

What we’re going to be doing during the closure:

  1. Route setting – complete reset at all gyms
    1. Video projects and get people psyched to come back
  2. Yoga – online yoga
    1. Create yoga Zoom and allow yoga instruction virtually
  3. Instruction/classes
    1. Staff can make tips and tricks videos for promotion
    2. Institute contests: hangboard, door frame, table climb, etc etc for people to try and then post for fun, or something
  4. Coaching
    1. Coaches work on improving the documentation of their programs and execution, including processes for communicating with parents
    2. Send out weekly plans for kids to stay in shape and progress during outage
  5. Front desk crew
    1. GMs are to deputize staff to assist in issues
      1. Assist in HR for processing terminations and rehires, smoothing processes
      2. Improving training programming (improve the packets, develop training materials)
      3. Consolidate policy books
      4. Do physical improvements
      5. Gym deep cleans
      6. Work on a grand reopening party at each gym

We will let the gyms rest for a week and request staff quarantine if they wish to return to the gym for task above. This assumes we will not be house quarantined.

We care a LOT about our staff and we hope you do, too. If we are unable to sustain their pay through this period, we’ll be terminating them so that they can apply for unemployment, to be rehired upon opening.

The staff are psyched. They’ve been psyched to contribute to the cleaning, social distancing, and everything else up to this point, so I cannot stress enough that if you can help us get through this by keeping your membership going, please do.

We have an amazing team of professionals working to ensure that when the isolation periods are over that we come back stronger than ever. We’ve been at the forefront of the climbing industry trying to help smaller gyms prepare and deal with this – from offering signage and procedures we’re following to making some of our online classes that we use for scaling available to other gyms free of charge so they, too, can rebuild faster.

We’ll get through this – but we need to do it as a team. If you have something that can assist people during this time, we want to know about it – we’re not going to stop being a community just because we can’t be a physical space.

All the love,

Kristin + Yishai + The whole Pad / Origin Fam

We’re closed indefinitely – what’s next?