Are you looking for a way to inspire people with careful, intentional messaging? If you’re looking for a place where your ideas and aspirations have value, keep reading. Our company looks for diverse minds with a passion for changing others’ lives through systematic and intentional visual and verbal storytelling.

Ascent Ventures manages rock climbing centers with two locations and two in development. We believe that we as a business have the ability to change lives for the better in our community, we want to lead the way for other climbing centers looking to change how they approach people, and we are looking for someone that is able to engage people in a friendly and inclusive way so that they can make their home here and do that.

We’re looking for the right person to grow with – we want our messaging to reach not the stereotypical market for rock climbers, we want to see those who don’t see themselves in our space, make them feel as if it could become theirs, and once they’re there to feel like they are part of a group the supports them, their trials, and their successes. 

You’ll be working in a collaborative environment that’s team-centered, fast-changing and fast-failing. We’ll expect you to find holes and fill them, bringing up ideas and questions in meetings and helping us continue to improve and expand our reach and community involvement.


  • Work with CEO and COO to plan, create, and implement strategic marketing campaigns that align with company goals
  • Organize promotional assets and campaigns for new products/services launches
  • Use and refine cohesive long term and scalable plan executable across multiple locations
  • Use, refine, and maintain tracking systems for marketing activities
  • Write content for campaigns across various channels such as social media, email, and blog
  • Manage all online channels of production, including website, social media pages, email campaigns, and responses
  • Continually audit existing materials both internally and externally for consistency with vision
  • Work with team to get content and train them for campaigns, delegating work to keep you in the creative place you love to be
  • Comfortable with direct communication in group meeting and one on one with supervisors, peers, and direct reports 
  • Works efficiently with tools available or recommends those not available


  • Experience listening to and communicating with diverse populations.
  • Strong research and synthesization and advocacy skills: we want to know what works and why before you take action
  • Proven work experience in digital and print marketing and knowledge of content management, creative writing, and advertising concepts
  • Demonstrable experience with social media marketing, email marketing, advertising campaigns, marketing databases and analytics, and SEO/SEM
  • Experience in identifying target audiences and planning digital campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate
  • Comfortable working independently once objectives are clear
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to simplify complex information into a user-friendly format

What we’re offering to you:

  • $25-30/hour
  • 16 hours/week to start – we are heavily hit by the pandemic and in regrowth mode – the right person can look forward to full time work (or delegation to a growing team) in 6 months to a year. 
  • Full time salaried employees enjoy Silver level PPO health insurance, free gym membership, self-care stipend, and unlimited paid time off (with prior approval)
  • Part time available for the right candidate if needed
  • Remote working welcome (must have good Internet, computer, and time management skills)

Please review our website at If you feel you may be a fit, we want to hear why! Please send intro letter that speaks to this and a resume along.

We’re looking for a marketing manager!